I am an environmental economist. My research focuses on (1) measuring the impacts of emerging environmental hazards, and (2) the effective enforcement of pollution regulations.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

phone: (217) 418-7977
email: yzou9@illinois.edu
Address: 1407 W Gregory Drive. Urbana, IL 61801

Working Papers

"Unwatched Pollution: The Effect of Intermittent Monitoring on Air Quality"
Paper, March 2018 | Appendix, March 2018

"Wind Turbine Syndrome: The Impact of Wind Farms on Suicide"
Paper, October 2017

"Blowing Smoke: Health Impacts of Wildfire Plume Dynamics"
With Nolan Miller and David Molitor
Paper, October 2017

"Smoked Out: The Effect of Wildfire Smoke on Labor Market Outcomes"
With Mark Borgschulte and David Molitor
Paper, December 2017

Work in Progress

"The Mortality Consequences of Intermittent Air Pollution Monitoring"
With Nolan Miller and David Molitor
[Draft available upon request]

"Pollution Awareness and Public Preferences: Evidence from an Air Quality Disclosure Program"
[Draft available upon request]