2013-2018, Ph.D. Candidate
     Department of Economics
     University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2018-2019, Postdoctoral Associate
     Cornell Institute for China Economic Research
     Cornell University
2019- , Assistant Professor
     Department of Economics
     University of Oregon

Curriculum Vitae, March 2018
Email: yzou9@outlook.com
Phone: (217) 418-7977
Address: Warren Hall, 137 Reservoir Avenue, Ithaca NY 14850

Research Papers

"Unwatched Pollution: The Effect of Intermittent Monitoring on Air Quality"
Paper, Appendix, March 2018

"Wind Turbine Syndrome: The Impact of Wind Farms on Suicide"
Paper, June 2018

"Blowing Smoke: Health Impacts of Wildfire Plume Dynamics"
With Nolan Miller and David Molitor
Paper, October 2017

"Air Pollution and the Labor Market: Evidence from Wildfire Smoke"
With Mark Borgschulte and David Molitor
Paper, June 2018